How to Add Your Facebook Page as Your Employer

Does your Facebook profile link to one of those pages with a briefcase under the Employer section? We’ve all seen them – the pages that anyone can post to, and no one has ownership over. Facebook calls them Community Pages. Wouldn’t it be great to have that link go to your own Business Fan Page instead? If you’ve ever wanted to link your Facebook profile to your Fan/Business Page in the employer field rather than the standard community page, this video shows how to include both your Page link and title/position.

Here is a quick and easy way to add your Facebook Fan Page to your profile as your employer. You’ll want to go to the Edit Profile button. Then go over to Education and Work, and in the Employer field start typing in your Fan Page name exactly as it appears on the page. Select the correct fan page from the drop down list. You’ll also want to be sure that this is shown to the Public so that anyone, whether they’re a friend or not, can see that you work for Yellow Rose Gallery & Designs and immediately link over to the page. You can type in the position of the person, and also the city and town where they work, as well as a description, like a job description. And you want to be sure that “I currently work here” is also checked. Now click “Add Job”. And now you can go back to the profile and see that this person is an Artist at Yellow Rose Gallery & Designs. Now when someone comes and clicks that link, they’re immediately taken to the correct fan page.

(Having trouble viewing the video? Click over to Youtube and select the Large Player option. Don’t forget to Like and leave a comment too! I’d love to know if you found the video helpful!)

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