Welcome to Yellow Rose Web Design

The Internet is nothing new anymore, especially if you’re in business. Whether you want to sell products online, offer services or just give people a way to contact you and find directions to your physical location, chances are if you’re not online, fewer people know about your business. If you are online, chances are you’ve encountered at least one story of high-priced, high-maintenance web design companies or the person whose site has been “under construction” since 1998.

I have been in the Web design industry for over 13 years, working as a Web Site Consultant and Specialist for major corporations such as Verizon, Idearc, VHA and Pier One for over 10 years. Working asĀ  a web and graphic designer, I have helped over 2,000 small businesses establish and maintain an online presence. I’ve watched website start-up businesses come and go. The funny thing about web design is that almost anyone can do it, but few people do it well. . . and even fewer people do it right.

Every web design company out there will tell you why they’re “different” from every other web design company. If you look closely at the list of “differences”, you’ll see that they’re all basically the same. Rather than tell you why Yellow Rose is different than our competition, I’d like the opportunity to show you how we can help you and your business by being open, honest and up-front about who we are, what we do, and most importantly how we can help your business grow with an online presence.