About the Owner, artist, jeweler, multipreneurOur owner and lead designer, Kathy (also known as Kat), has been in the Web site and graphic design industry for over 15 years. She is an experienced web and graphic designer, with a strong background in HTML coding, CSS, Photoshop and Content Management Systems. She first learned web design in 1993 while working for the Tarrant County College Media Department. Since then, she has helped thousands of small to large sized businesses with their website needs, and more recently with customized designs for Facebook business pages. Her clients range from large corporations such as Pier 1 and VHA, Inc., to sole proprietors. Having worked in education, corporate offices, small family-owned businesses, and as an entrepreneur herself, she is able to assess the needs of her clients and help them on an individual basis.

Kathy is also a certified jewelry artist, working with precious metal clay (PMC), wire-work and semi-precious stones. She frequently travels to Tucson for the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show to keep up with current trends in jewelry and learn new techniques to improve her jewelry and art skills. Because of her love for both art and computers, she has also expanded her portfolio to include digital art designs, which she offers on a wide variety of products.

“I consider myself a multi-preneur, working on several businesses at once. Each business that I run interweaves with the other businesses in a way that complements each other and helps me establish my brand. I have an equal passion for web design and computer programming as well as graphic design and art, and I love that I’ve found a way to help others by sharing that passion through my business.”
~ Kathy