Alert: Google+ Security for Women

That’s right. I said specifically for women. As I had to block YET ANOTHER “man seeking companion” on Google+, I saw that the creep had already added 3 of my female G+ friends as well. Guess what guys? Google+ is NOT a dating site. Facebook is NOT a dating site (in spite of what that “looking for” field would have you believe). If you add me to your circles based on a comment I made on another profile (usually geek or art related), I *might* add you back. I’ve started quite a few conversations and more than a few very close friendships that way. If you’re adding me because you saw my profile pic and want to add me to your “pretty girl pool” of circles, you’re out of luck because I’m blocking your ass.

To all my female friends out there, I humbly apologize for not changing this setting sooner. Follow the screenshots below for how to keep these guys from finding and adding every other woman you know into their G+ circles. Let’s stop this madness together.

Change Visibility of your circles

Go to your profile and click "Change who is visible here"

This next option is rather annoying to me to have to do because it also hides people who have added me from me as well. Feel free to also Uncheck “Show people in…” to hide everyone from everyone else. Personally, I have no problem if you’re already IN one of my circles seeing who the other people in my circles are as well. It’s worked out very well for helping people make connections on Facebook and Twitter.

Show people in circles

Select who can see your circles and UNCHECK "Show people who have added you to circles"

If you’re extremely concerned about privacy, feel free to check the other settings on your Google+ profile here as well. You can edit most (I’ve discovered not all) of the options by clicking the globe in each section and setting individual privacy settings for your information. Or leave it blank if you want nothing to show up in those parts of your profile (My “looking for” is CLEARLY blank for a reason. That’s a hint, guys.)

Edit Profile Privacy

Edit any additional privacy settings using the Globe next to each section.

You’re done!

You're done!

Be sure to click "Done Editing" when you've finished editing your privacy settings.

Bonus privacy info:
Want to double check all your privacy and settings on Google+? Here’s a little extra info. Go to the “wheel” icon in the top right corner and click on “Google+ Settings”. There you’ll find Profile and Privacy, as well as additional Google+ notifications settings. And if you’re looking for how to block people from directly downloading your photos, it’s under the Google+ section at the bottom.

Google Plus Settings

How to find Google Plus Settings

Editorial. My thoughts on the subject…

For me, this has become one of the biggest annoyances of Google Plus. It’s the very reason MySpace died as a potential player in the Social Media field and if it keeps up on G+, they run the same risk — at least in keeping women away. I’ve heard rumors of possible sites that showcase women’s G+ profile pics in some countries (and considering the number of men adding me from those countries, my best guess is the rumors are at least partially true). Exactly WHY men have suddenly developed an interest in “circling” women on Google Plus is beyond me – particularly when those women have “in a relationship” or “married” as their status. Are the women of Google Plus that much more interesting than a dating site, where you could, oh…. you know, meet someone who is LOOKING for a relationship? Or are you just that cheap that you don’t want to pay for such a service so you go looking at a free one instead? (Yeah, don’t bother trying to ‘zing’ me back with “women online are just that desperate”. I’ve SEEN the women you guys are circling and some of you are picking and choosing obviously based only on looks alone. Don’t go blaming ME for having pretty friends.)

Yes, I could hide my profile from searches. Yes, I could change my profile pic (I just might) or remove it altogether. I just don’t want to make the decision based on bully-tactics by men looking for romance. To me, that would be the same thing as accepting limitations on what can do because of the acts of a few terrorists. I’m told this is a bad thing (and I’m starting to agree, but that’s another rant for another day). I choose not to hide my profile or restrict most of my privacy settings for a reason. Several reasons, in fact. I post at least 99% of my Facebook posts to “Public”. I allow sharing, commenting, etc. You can subscribe to me on Facebook, Like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, connect with me on Linkedin… all of which are linked from my Google Plus Profile. Yet, only on Google do I find myself having to repeatedly block men from seeing my profile. Is this a crack that Google security didn’t consider? What will it take to stop this behavior?

2 Responses to “Alert: Google+ Security for Women”

  • Michael:

    My apologies to all for the boorish behavior of many in my gender.

    • Kathy:

      My friend, you don’t need to apologize for the actions of others. I wrote the article because I’m quite perplexed not only by the behavior but why it’s so prevalent on Google+? These men are seeking out (practically spamming) women and circling them without even finding out anything about them. And for no other reason than that we’re women!? Not exactly the kind of guy I think any woman would be interested in.

      I certainly didn’t mean to take out my frustrations on the thoughtful, considerate men of Google+ … of which there are many! I saw this quote recently and I believe it fits their unique situation (paraphrasing because I don’t recall the exact wording): “Don’t try so hard to be interesting, but be interested instead.”

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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